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Project- and change management

We aim to be the preferred advisors and project managers when complex IT-related project are planned and executed.

Prosjektledelse og gjennomføring

Management of digitalization and IT related projects

Efab advisors have wide experience in managing complex projects for planning, implementation and utilization of information technology.

We also offer advisory for the organisation and governance of such projects (and portfolio of projects) to ensure that these are clearly aligned with the business’ goals and have solid anchoring when resources shall be prioritised.

In cooperation with Efab we have developed tools for portfolio management which have resulted in:

Better alignment between strategic goals and plan for executing initiatives for digitalization – through simple and better control and effective overall management and prioritisation of the project portfolio.

This is used actively in the monthly reporting to management to ensure that we have implemented the strategically right digitalization projects.

Arne Harstad
PMO responsible Lyse AS
Contact advisor:
Aage Gramstad - Advisor - Efab
Aage Gramstad
Prosjektledelse og gjennomføring

Change- and benefits realisation management

When introducing new technology, the need to adjust processes and the way we work can be challenging. Our project managers and advisors are familiar with the consequences and challenges tied to change of this nature.

We have also developed tools and methods which can be used to identify where and how to realise benefits, as well as a method to trace and realise benefits eneabled by the introduction of new technology.

Efab has demonstrated an impressive insight in developing methodology to realize the effects of digitization. They wouldn't have managed that without their heavy ERP experience.

Rune Hauge
Director, Digi Rogaland
Contact advisor: