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Sourcing and procurement of Business Systems

Efab is an independent advisory firm and is not associated with any supplier or developer of IT services and systems.

We are up-to-date on the market of suppliers of IT services, technical solutions and software which is relevant in supporting our clients’ current and future needs. This enables us to undertake procurement projects solely focussed on client needs.

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Procurement of business systems

Procurement of business systems is important and long-term decisions. These systems shall support and streamline the business’ processes, ensure good governance information and maintain relations with customers. In order to achieve this, it is vital that the correct solution and supplier is selected.

Efab has solid experience and competence in mapping, evaluating and procuring business systems that can operationalize the business strategy and thereby foster future competitiveness.

We knew that our ERP system had significant weaknesses that could not be fixed, and engaged Efab with its expertise to lead the procurement process for a new ERP system. Efab helped us identify and prioritize our needs to obtain relevant offers according to requirements specifications, and finally to evaluate the suppliers. We are very pleased with the choice we made, and not least because we chose Efab to guide us.

Geir Liland
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Silje Bjelland
Silje Bjelland
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Implementation of business systems

The implementation of business systems (e.g. Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM)) are often resource-intensive projects with extended timelines. We have extensive experience with such projects and associated change management – and we would like to help your business succeed.

Efab has demonstrated an impressive insight with developing methodology to realize effects from digitalization. They couldn’t have done it without their heavy ERP experience.

Rune Hauge
Director at DigiRogaland
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Establishing IT-platform for digitalization

We assist clients replace expensive and out-of-date solutions and to establish a technical platform and operations services at lower cost for flexible expansion and digital business development.

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Kari Karison
Customer company
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