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We help you set course and realize potential

Change is occurring at an ever-increasing pace, and we believe that a business should carefully evaluate which competitive advantages they should emphasize and pursue – and which ones they need not to.

A conscious approach to business idea, business model and value chain, ensures that businesses get the most from its investments.

Strategic advice

Business development and digitalization

Efab provides mapping of business needs and a foundation for decision-making and growth

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Procurement and

Efab provides support in making the right choice of business systems and digital platforms

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Project- and
change management

Efab provides extensive expertise with change management from a range of industries

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Growth and development

Efab provides unique expertise and a wide network for innovative businesses

Value Creation

There is a lot to learn though knowledge-transfer across industries and businesses. Efficiency can be gained by choosing standard processes and systems in areas where it not important to compete. The required business support can often be established with less resources than one might think. This will in turn free up resources for areas in which to pursue competitive advantages.


We are eager to help ambitious businesses in our region. Efab has developed methods and tools which are based on both well-established and new methodologies. We use this framework to map challenges and opportunities with our customers, and it is adapted to small and medium-sized businesses.