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We help you set course and realize potential

Change is occurring in an ever-increasing pace, and we believe that a business should evaluate which competitive advantages they should emphasize.

A deliberate approach to business idea, model and value chain, allows businesses to gain the most from its investments.

Strategic advice

Business development and digitalization

We evaluate and analyze changes and opportunities
enabled by technology

Project Management and Implementation ikon

Procurement and

We support the processes of sourcing and implemetning business systems and digital platforms

Mapping ikon

Project- and
change management

We are experienced within project and change management of digital transformation endeavours

Value Creation

There is a lot to learn though efficient knowledge-transfer across industries and businesses. By implementing and utilizing standard processes and systems where comparative advantage should be preferred. The bare minimum of business support is often less capital intensive than what is commonly perceived, which in turn can allow businesses to allocate resources to pursuing competitive advantages.


We aim to help businesses with ambitions. Efab has developed a set of own methods and tools, based on both well-established as well as on avant-garde methodologies. We employ our framework in identifying and mapping risks and opportunities for our clients.