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We are constantly looking for talented colleagues. For us, people come first and we are always interested in getting in touch with those who share our values.

Value-based organization

We want talented people to succeed and take out their potential. We have therefore built a flat and value-based organization with a high degree of autonomy and sense of community.


We aim to know both our colleagues and their families. Through social events and trips where we include our better halves, we build friendships and relations for the future.


Our compensation model supports long-term employments. Our pension- and insurance schemes allow us to feel confident about life after work.

In addition to the competitive base salary, pension and insurances, we also have a bonus scheme based on our business’ performance and results. This emphasizes fairness and forms a communal feeling. Every employee contributes to the performance of the business, and all shall benefit when we succeed.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.


Endre Dambo, daglig leder Efab
Endre Dambo

Efab shall be a company that deserves that first-class employees choose to be here year after year, and that our customers choose us again and again.