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En uavhengig analyse av et feltutviklingsprosjekt (OKEA, DG1)

Efab Oil & Energy – Identifies options for improvement

Efab Oil & Energy was engaged by the operator OKEA to conduct an independent review of a field development project at the feasibility milestone, DG1.

Key task was to perform an independent assessment of the decision basis before the DG1 milestone and the plans for the next project phase. The review covered the full range of disciplines, including sub-surface (geology, geophysics and petrophysics), reservoir management and drilling/well, production technology, facilities and project management.

The objective of the review was to address key issues for the project at the DG1 stage in terms of key risks, possible improvements and opportunities.

The review resulted in a set of specific findings and recommendations for the project going forward into the next phase.

«We were impressed by the competency and efficiency that Efab displayed during the project review. Several of the recommendations were implemented in the final milestone documentation of the project and used in planning of the next project phase. Definitely worth the effort!», says Thomas Lerdahl, Project Manager in OKEA.

Effective utilisation of Efab Oil & Energy’s multidisciplinary expertise

Efab Oil & Energy’s advisors represent a wide range of competencies and expertise in the full range of E&P disciplines. In our work model we offer the services by use of a team of experts (rather than individuals) and by flexible availability (rather than full-time) – enabling true value and cost efficiency.

The project review was performed by a team of 7 Efab advisors with a true cross-discipline approach, which allowed for professional challenge and quality assurance.

The review was conducted over a period of 4 weeks.

For more information about Efab Oil & Energy, please contact Bernt Svihus (, +47 957 04 299)


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