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Evaluering av prospektet Lynghaug

Efab Oil & Energy delivers a robust basis for decision

Efab Oil & Energy was engaged by Skagen44 to conduct an independent evaluation of the Lynghaug exploration prospect prior to a decision in the license to drill.

The evaluation included geology and geophysics, reservoir and production, viscosity comparisons (12 fields on UKCS and NCS), drilling and well, development concepts and investment / development costs. A key task was to clarify whether the oil quality detected in the area could pose a high risk in terms of produceability. The cooperation resulted in risk reduction and concrete recommendations for further exploration and appraisal work.

«We were very pleased with the deliverables as well as the cooperation model with Efab Oil & Energy. Key findings were used in various license meetings with good results«, says Tore Husmo, Portfolio Manager at Skagen44.

Effective utilisation of Efab Oil & Energy’s multidisciplinary expertise

Efab Oil & Energy’s advisors represent a wide range of disciplines and expertise in exploration, reservoir, development and operations. The Lynghaug evaluation was conducted by a core team consisting of 3 advisors with the support of additional 4 advisors for the required discipline competence and quality assurance.

Our availability and flexibility made it possible to start work already on one week’s notice. The evaluation was conducted over a period of 3 weeks.

The total number of project hours used was approximately one man month. Within this, Efab Oil & Energy could cover all the necessary disciplines – and at a low cost. The figure shows actual hours used from each discipline.

For more information about Efab Oil & Energy, please contact Bernt Svihus (, +47 957 04 299)


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